Elizabeth Louter

My name is Elizabeth Louter, and I am a photographer and artist. I am based in Bracebridge Ontario, and was born and raised in lovely Muskoka within a family of eight. I am married, have two cats, and a dog. My mind is never empty of creative thoughts, no matter the medium of art I choose.

I love to learn, and will continue to educate myself for the rest of my life. In 2006 I had graduated from Humber College with a Diploma in Creative Photography. I have a love for historical photographic processes, thought provoking photography projects, and photoshop. I always keep myself updated with the latest digital imaging programs – and anything else to make my life a little easier. I have recently graduated from York University with a Bachelor of Education, which will compliment my degree in Fine Arts.

I am passionate about all forms of art, and always keep active in the arts community in Muskoka. My photography is never forced as I have a love for candid and natural image making. I am always eager to be outside in nature, and always keep my mind active and always thinking.

Please take a minute to look around my website! You'll see many ideas in my blog, and well as other fun projects in the photography gallery. Have fun looking around, and I hope to hear from you!

Phone| 416.910.5612
E-mail| elizabethlouter@gmail.com